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Oxford to the Ocean leg 1A

June 19, 2011

Troop 147 is once again going from Oxford to the Ocean via The French River to the Quinebaug onto the Shetucket and Thames rivers. We anticipate that this adventure will take two years to complete with 6 to 8 legs..

Saturday June 18. Last night we decided to postpone the beginning of O2O, due to potential thunderstorms. Although there weren’t any T.storms there was heavy rain and winds. We started off from Hodges Village Dam near downtown Oxford this morning around 10:00 AM.  The weather was perfect, warm and sunny with very little wind. We started with a safety talk and instructions on the river bank and Mrs. Allard led us in prayer. Several adults were available to shuttle vehicles and we were on our way. As we wound through Oxford we encountered many obstacles such as downed trees and beaver dams. Under the expert tutelage of Mr. Simoneau, we quickly learned how to zip right over and around those obstacles. We saw many Turtles sunning themselves and even though we were in  a populated area saw few signs of suburbia. We lunched on the west bank about 200 yards before we crossed under Harwood St. in South Oxford.  After lunch some guys traded off their canoes and kayaks. We stopped once more as one of the taller Scouts was too tall for the kayak he was paddling. Bigfoot switched to a canoe and we went on to Webster. We ended leg 1A just before the series of dams near Cemetary Rd in Webster. A great time was had and we are all excited about the rest of the great adventure, Oxford to the Ocean!”


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